Dragon Boat Festival at Zhu Village: visiting relatives

Following the sounds of drums, a dragon boat appears from the start of the river. The boat carries with it around 60+ people and drums and flags of a different village in Guangzhou, Liede Village. The host village then welcomes the visiting boats with fire crackers and also start their own boats. The event is not a competition however. Dragon boats are rowed up and down the river in smokes of fire crackers and sounds of beating drums. The louder and busier the ceremony is, the better.


I was able to meet Yang Jing, the Head of Culture Station at the local street (Zhuji Street) and she explained to me many of the traditions of the dragon boat festival in the Zhu Village. The earlier a visiting boat arrives, the more important the family bond is to the host village. In fact, Liede is a brother village of Zhu Village and as a sign of respect for their kinship, Liede was the first dragon boat to appear.