Attending Bau Congress


List of talks during the event:


At the Bau Congress, I attended a Chinese Architecture Talk that focused on China 2020: The Rural and the Urban. During the series of talks, there were projects looking at development of the rural village and urban historic districts. Professor Liu Boying for example, spoke about the Kuan-Zhai Alleys in Chengdu and the preservation of the historic urban district holistically in the city.

(video from the Kenvision)

Kuan Zhai Alleys is marked as ‘Distinguished Historical Commercial Streets’ (特色历史商业街区) and a success example of historic urban preservation. However, the commercialisation and middle-class-ification of the streets  makes one wonder how success is measured. It seems that gentrification is an unavoidable (and here as in Baitasi, an unvoiced) effect of urban redevelopment.

One other interesting project is titled ‘Vague Architecture Design’ by He Wei. His project sets in a rural village and focuses on a restoration of a old grain warehouse into an active workshop space for the production of oil. By reactivating the traditional methods of making oil and turning it into a visible process for exhibition and participation, the project turned the building into a space of economic production and new connection between the rural village and interested urban residents.

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