Enclosure, Territory and Entity

What am I arguing for in the project? Is it for enclosure? Not really. It is not the act of enclosure now but the marking and making of a territory – that something is different and needs to be treated differently. The principles and system of treating it? Not entirely sure yet.

Where does this concept then come from? Is making a territory a form of protection? A form of defense against the outside? Yes, then in that sense it still acts as a wall – something that encloses. The wall is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as ‘A continuous vertical brick or stone structure that encloses or divides an area of land’ or ‘A thing regarded as a protective or restrictive barrier.’

Then what is a skin? To a certain extent then what I am proposing is not a wall but a ‘line’. a zoning line gives the space a different denomination. Why does it need to have a physical presence in a vertical skin/wall? It does not necessarily.


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