Rural Urban Framework and the Architect’s Vernacular

Rural Urban Framework was awarded with the RIBA Emerging Architect of the Year award. Jonathan Bolchover and John Lin gave a talk at the RIBA today to talk about the projects that brought attention to the research/practice.

The talk raised several issues in my head.

  • The role of the architect in the particular context – involvement, power and responsibility
  • The longevity of projects and their rippling effect
  • The emulation of the Vernacular and its romantic preservation
  • Participation in the form of project implementation
  • The attitude of the architect in relations to the Vernacular villager.
  • The replicability of the project and the protection of the projects from the outer world
  • The limits of architecture as a valuable form, unable to provide solutions. It can only respond.

Will expand on these issues further when there’s time.

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