Adventures in East London: Thrift Shops


Went to a few thrift/charity stores today:

  1. Vintage bric-a-brac shop North of Rokit, Shoreditch
  2. Rokit, Shoreditch
  3. Retromania, Pimlico
  4. Fara, Pimlico
  5. Oxfam, Pimlico
  6. Trinity Hospice, Pimlico
  7. Sue Ryder (was closed), Pimlico
  8. Hospices of Hope, Pimlico
  9. Boutique, Pimlico

The best I will have to say is Retromania, there was an entire floor at the basement with clothes on sale. These are like £5/10 leather jackets. Although some have bits damaged, they are still overall great items. Altogether I might have spent less than 30 mins in Shoreditch and 2 hours in Pimlico shops.