Charity Shopping Cambridge

Went to Cambridge today and popped by Grafton centre and the charity shops there. Wow, there’s loads of them!

  • British Heart Foundation (furniture)
  • British Heart Foundation
  • Oxfam and Oxfam Bridal
  • RSVP
  • Sense
  • Cancer research
  • Mind
  • British red cross (furniture)
  • British red cross
  • Scope
  • Jemporium Vintage (vintage clothes)
  • Also a pawn shop as well

The best for bric-a-brac would have to be Oxfam. The best for furniture is of course British Heart Foundation on the main road.

The Bridal shop, which was the main reason I went there, had maybe 20 Bridal dresses, a couple were nice. Most are priced from 100-300 pounds. There were only however maybe 5 pairs of bride-apropriate shoes. Wished that there were more!

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