1. You can only use one material – push its use as far as you can.
  2. Start from first principles – heavy or light / assembled, carved, cast
  3. For the first few days do not allow concrete, steel, glass or timber (consider how you achieve their properties in other ways).

This work re-established the material and structural order of your project in preparation for the development of the draft project report in the coming month. We will review this work on 1 February in the department (for those back in the UK). For this session please bring the following:

  1. a rendered / montage elevation of part of your project. (approx. 100m2 @ 1:20/1:50)
  2. a hand-sized mini model of your project (or part of it) that distils the material / formal character of your project.
  3. 3 x precedents – one architectural, one natural/found (a forest, an airplane, a potato), and one found image/photo of
    a phenomena, a situation, a texture… a painting… a print.
  4. some photos of your site or from fieldwork

Please pin up / display in the crit space for group discussion on Wednesday 1 Feb between 11-3

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