Response on Material Matters

Material considerations of project

  • For the project
    • Skin that wraps around urban spaces to denote a new urban territory
    • Opportunities for vertical attachment of timber (flexibility)
    • The skin becomes occupyable at certain spaces – for attachment
    • How does the skin meet historical materials (bricks & timber & oyster)
    • How does the skin meet new materials (concrete & steel)
  • Properties of skin (which is a line)
    • Linear (directional)
    • Enclosing
    • How it meets other walls
    • How it meets ground
    • How does it open
    • How does it extend vertically and horizontally
    • How does a line/skin embody volume
  • Properties of timer
    • Assembly
    • How it meets the ground
    • How it meets the roof
    • How it interacts with water
      • Duration of its exposure to water (constant, periodic)
      • Type of exposure to water (dripping, soaking, splashing)
      • Exposure to type of water (humidity, rain, snow)
    • How it interacts with time
      • How could it be not only in terms of visual difference, but there is a deeper meaning to the material conferred by time – its demise.
    • How it interacts with activity/play
    • What type of timber is it
    • Quality of the timber sourced
    • Where timber is sourced
    • How timber is treated
  • Replacement for the same material that has similar properties to timber
    • Natural material that reacts with the elements
    • Bamboo?


  • Rendered/montage elevation of part of project (100m2 @ 1:20/1:50)
  • Hand-size mini model of project (or part of it) that distils the material/formal character of project
  • 3x precedents:
    • they should be videos – that show the passing of time
  1. one architectural
  1. one natural/found (a forest, an airplane, a potato)
  2. one found image/photo of a phenomena, a situation, a texture… a painting… a print.
  • Photos from fieldwork