What is the polemic of my design? (argument against some doctrine)

  • Have a prediction for what is going to happen in the future and a spatial response to it, whether that is for, or against the doctrine.
  • Urban Villages (but not Xiaozhou’s situation)
    • Entering into a continuous replacement and densification of space
    • To a certain threshold where it will then be demolished and rebuilt entirely
  • What do you think will happen to Xiaozhou Village?
    • Gentrification/cleansing
    • Urban migrants will be displaced by middle class population, either through tourism or commercial developments (residential retreats)
    • Heritage is used as a form of control/power (by government & villagers)
      • Heritage as a form of  cleansing (necessarily the use of heritage means that only certain strands of collectiveness is legitimized)
      • Heritage as a form of legitimizable identity – the process of legitimization of identity through AHD
  • Is this unique to the Chinese situation?
    • Heritage used a method for gentrification, I’m sure there are examples
  • What doctrine am I arguing against?
    • From heritage as a form of control (resistance to change) to heritage as a form of intervention (recognises change)
    • Recognising that heritage can act as a form of resistance to control
  • What is the spatial proposal?
    • Build walls to denote a protected oasis for urban migrants
    • How do you use heritage as a form of intervention
    • Use heritage to intervene – HOW? WHAT ASPECTS of heritage? WHAT CHARACTERISTICS of heritage is unique and can be used to intervene?
      • Self-referential (discourse)
    • What are the spatial tools of heritage?
      • Materiality
      • Boundary
      • Surveying