Built Heritage and Exclusivity

And another stab

option 1:

  • Problem: urban villages cannot be controlled
  • Cause: urban-rural divide
  • Solution: built heritage as a way of inserting control into the urban village
    • Other solutions out there: redevelopment
  • How: currently it is done through a canonical model
  • Implication: exclusivity
  • Alternative: do it through a continuous model
  • Consequences: inclusivity

option 2:

  • a canonical model of heritage
    • why is that
      • modernity
      • control
    • what is that
      • creation of self-referential value/power
      • identification, categorisation, definition
      • risk
  • consequences of a canonical model
    • exclusivity
      • what manners of exclusivity
      • negative consequences of exclusivity
  • built heritage needs the continuous model
    • inclusivity

What I am doing:

  • there are two models of heritage, canonical and continuous
  • the canonical model is inappropriate because it is exclusive
  • the continuous model is better
    • criteria to judge this:
      • exclusive/inclusive

What I want to talk about:

  • heritage is a technique of power
  • canonical model of heritage creates exclusivity
  • continuous model of heritage creates inclusivity