About Crafts

  • Richard Sennett writes about the sociology of crafts, in terms of the social relationship between craftsman and the outside society (versus the machine); between craftsman and apprentices (tacit transfer of knowledge, blueprint and originality e.g.); between the thinking and making parts of the craftsman (innovation, problem solving and problem finding)
    • What are the solutions that Richard Sennett propose? Or are there any?
  • Moll-Murata writes about the history of Chinese guilds, its local definition and variations from European models, its formation, organisation, economic functions and relationship to the political structures at different times.
  • 苏南传统公所建筑式样研究 talks about architectural forms
  • Research questions:
    • Historical evidence for guilds in China
      • Yes, there were guilds
      • Phased out for political reasons and mechanisation
      • Architectural forms of guilds in historical China
    • How have Chinese guilds survived in modern China and the area
    • How have European guilds survived in Venice for example
    • Are there any evidence for guild’s relevance in modern society
      • Philosophically – Richard Sennett
      • Socially?
      • Politically?
    • Creating new guilds (guild-formation feasibility) in modern society?