Shipai Village


Shipai Village is one of the densest urban villages in Guangzhou. Located right beside the Tech Street, it provides cheap accommodation right in the centre of the city.

Entrance separating Shipai and Tech Street

Streets inside Shipai are dark – the handshake buildings have been developed to its horizontal maximum.

There are very few traditional buildings still left in Shipai, one of them is pictured below. What I found interesting is the way that green tiles were clad all around the building to renovate it, even though the building has also been marked as a protected relic.

Liede Village


A redeveloped urban village, Liede is representative of the model of urban redevelopment in Guangzhou.


Relationship between shrine and water is destroyed.


High-rise towers that dominate the space, in contrast to the stone sign that gives a hint of the preexisting rural landscape.

Xiaozhou: mooncake festival


Mooncake festival began with an indoor concert in the Litang, one of the main public spaces in the village. Most attendees were villagers.

Outside of the Litang, there are also many activities gathering residents, artists, community workers and villagers. This celebration event is organised by Jiazong, a community work organisation set up by the city government and works especially with disadvantaged groups like elderly.